Your antidote to modern life

Fact, you live in the modern world so it's highly likely you experience stress on a daily basis. If stress is left unchecked, you’re in trouble.

Chronic stress disturbs most systems in the body and can leave you feeling lethargic, susceptible to disease, unable to sleep and basically not performing at your peak.

Take back control and find your Shroom to Improve.

Shroom to Improve offers 100% organic medicinal mushroom and root supplements that can help combat negative physical and mental health impacts of modern day life.

So, take care of yourself and those you love. Own it, fix it and start improving with shrooms today.

Find your shroom with our quick guide.

Boost your immune system with Chaga mushrooms


Step-up your energy and focus with Lion's Mane mushrooms


Enjoy proper sleep with Reishi mushrooms


Restore your gut balance with Turkey Tail mushrooms

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Achieve peak performance with Cordyceps mushrooms

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Fight the signs of aging with Tremella mushrooms

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Improve your quality of life with Ashwagandha root

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“I added half a teaspoon [of Reishi] in milk last night and after 30 mins I wasn’t fidgeting and felt relaxed, I also had vivid dreams. Best sleep I’ve had in a while. How amazing!! So good!! Thanks for that. Can’t
thank you enough . This has been going on for years. I’ll be telling everyone! Thank you!”

- Mike

“Lion’s Mane is amazing. I’ve struggled finding enough energy to perform in my full time job and be a great mum to my two young girls. I was always tired, snapped easily and fell asleep on the couch most
nights before 9.00pm. When I started taking Lion’s Mane in my coffee every morning I was suddenly focused, calm, energetic and awake. Highly recommend.”

- Chantelle