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Medicinal mushrooms have a unique ability to adapt according to the specific needs of your body. You can supercharge your energy & focus, calm your nerves, slumber like a sloth, dominate your workout, or boost your immune system.

If modern life is wearing you down, just get your shroom on!

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Modern life is stressful

You wake up tired after another interrupted sleep. Your legs feel heavy even though you've been to pilates three times this week. Is that the ping of yet another work email? Talking of work, how good is sitting on one video call after another? Life…It sure takes its toll.

Fact, you live in the modern world, so you're going to cop a daily dose of stress.

Too much stress disturbs most systems in the body and can leave you feeling lethargic, susceptible to disease, unable to sleep, and basically not performing at your peak. If stress is left unchecked, you're in trouble.

So if you're looking for an antidote to modern life, try Shroom to Improve and get your shroom back!

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Why all the fuss about medicinal mushrooms?

Recent scientific and medical research indicates that medicinal mushrooms have a huge range of health benefits and can help your body deal with stress.

They're what's called adaptogens. Adaptogens have a unique ability to adapt according to the specific needs of your body. So whether you need to ramp up, wind down or load up on whatever your bodies lacking, there's a medicinal mushroom for you.

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“I added half a teaspoon [of Reishi] in milk last night and after 30 mins I wasn’t fidgeting and felt relaxed, I also had vivid dreams. Best sleep I’ve had in a while. How amazing!! So good!! Thanks for that. Can’t
thank you enough . This has been going on for years. I’ll be telling everyone! Thank you!”

SMS from Mike

“Lion’s Mane is amazing. I was always tired, snapped easily and fell asleep on the couch most
nights before 9.00pm. When I started taking Lion’s Mane in my coffee every morning I was suddenly focused, calm, energetic and awake. Highly recommend.”


Loving on Chaga - enjoying it most morning and feel like my immune system and energy levels are more robust than ever! Thanks Shroom to Improve.


I swear my eyelashes have grown longer and thicker! I've been asked if I have falsies, ha! [Tremella]


I've tried lots of different solutions for my struggles with gut health and overall energy. Nothing has had such a lasting, positive effect. My wife jumped onboard soon after me. This is now our go-to brand on the market because of the high concentration of goodness compared with others. Thanks Shroomers!!


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At Shroom to Improve we're committed to having a positive impact in everything we do.
That's why we're donating $1 from every sale to a charity that supports the physical and mental wellbeing of our fellow Aussies.
Modern life can be tough, but together we can make a difference.