The Shroom to Improve Difference

We choose health over profits.

To really Get your Shroom Back, you’re going to need a quality product, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you at Shroom to Improve. It costs us a bit more, but at Shroom to Improve we’re in the business of making people feel better, not just making a quick buck.

One of the most potent products available in Australia

Beta-glucans are the most well researched medically active compound in mushrooms – in other words, where all the health benefits come from.

We’ve scoured the globe to find the very best growers and sellers of medicinal mushrooms and partnered with an awarded eco-friendly health care enterprise to bring you medicinal mushrooms that really pack a punch.

Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients

We start with 100% organically grown mushrooms and keep it that way. Our mushrooms are either sourced from the wild, the way nature intended, or organically grown on substrates made up of woodchips and herbal grasses.  Then we take 100% fruiting body and use a hot water and alcohol extraction process to create our potent mushroom powders. There’s no additives or nasty surprises ensuring our shrooms are filled with medicinal magic and nothing else.

Sustainably farmed, packaged and delivered

We’ve partnered with an awarded eco-friendly health care enterprise that has organic certification and adheres to the highest standards of product testing and quality.

We've then done our darndest to minimise our footprint by using recyclable miron glass jars, recyclable refill bags, recyclable packaging and carbon neutral delivery.

We give back

We're serious about helping as many people as possible feel better every day. In our efforts to reduce chronic stress and improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing, we donate a $1 from every Shroom to Improve product to a charity aligned with our values. At the moment we're giving to Beyond Blue .

We'll spread the love and donate to a new charity aligned with our values from time to time, so if you have one in mind, get in touch at

Get involved and get your shroom on

We’re only just beginning.

 With your support, we can invest with our partners and keep improving the potency of the Shroomy goodness we bring to you every day. So get on board and make today the day that you start feeling better.

Buy some Shrooms today or get in touch with me, Adam at