Reishi the super stress-buster

Sleep is essential for sanity and general ability to life. If you find your thoughts racing in the middle of the night, anxiety taking hold or just need a nudge to get you into a deep sleep, Reishi is the answer.

Reishi is a well-known super shroom and a staple in Eastern Medicine, and it's magic centres around its ability to reduce stress. Stress is the primary cause of disease in the modern world, so it's not surprising that this stress-busting medicinal mushroom has been used for everything from liver problems to heart conditions, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis, and even as a potential treatment for tumours. Reishi medicinal mushroom is a go-to for people who need sleep and those who struggle with anxiety and depression caused by excessive stress. 

First, a little bit about stress. 
Stress, perceived by the nervous system, sends a signal to the command centre of the brain, the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus then relays the message to the adrenal glands, which in turn release stress hormones, otherwise known as adrenaline. Adrenaline serves its purpose in certain situations, but over time, persistent surges of adrenaline can result in anxiety, weight gain, headaches, and insomnia. Sustained levels of adrenaline can also damage blood vessels, increase blood pressure, and elevate the risk of heart attacks or stroke.

What combats stress? 
Reishi medicinal mushroom is an adaptogen. Adaptogens work at a molecular level by regulating a stable balance between the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands. This super chilled shroom works with the body to adjust how it responds to physical, emotional, or chemical stress. Reishi mushroom helps us to resist the impact of stress and brings us back to equilibrium. For this reason, Reishi mushrooms have been traditionally recommended in Chinese and Japanese Medicine to alleviate insomnia, particularly when the cause of troubled sleeping comes from an active mind that won’t turn off. The same mental agitation that interferes with sleep at night, can also trigger anxiety during waking hours. Reishi medicinal mushroom works around the clock to combat stress day and night. 

If it’s time for you to switch gears, slow down and give your mind and body a break, embrace Reishi mushrooms and get ready for a warm, relaxing shroomy cuddle.

Get some Reishi now 

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