3 things to know when choosing your medicinal mushroom

Although medicinal mushrooms are a natural miracle, not all brands are the same. There are three things to look at on the pack, before you decide to buy.

1. Myceliated grain is not a medicinal mushroom

Myceliated grain won’t give you the health benefits you’re looking for. Myceliated grain is produced by growing mycelium, which is actually the mushroom root system, on a grain substrate. This is then dried, powdered and packaged up as medicinal mushrooms, eventhough it contains no mushrooms.... Hmmmm.

There are a few reasons this isn’t great. All the research on the magic of medicinalmushrooms is actually based on the fruiting body or pure mycelium, not myceliated grain. If your product does mentions mycelium grain, you'll be spending your money on a powder that is estimated to be 60-70% grain. More grain equates to less mycelium which equates to less Beta-glucans – the actual active compounds.

So, if you’re mushrooms aren’t 100% fruiting body, you're probably wasting your money.

2. Fillers dilute your shroomy goodness

We’ve already talked about how grain ends up in your “mushrooms”, but there’s also otherstarchy fillers that can be added. These can come from carriers and flow agents, which areoften added during the manufacturing process. Typically, very little is required but it can easily be overused. Some testing has shown up to 30% starch from these types of additives.

Take note, if you see anything but mushrooms in the ingredients, steer clear.

3. Beta-glucan levels matter

Beta-glucans are the most well researched medically active compound in mushrooms – in other words, where all the health benefits come from. They’re also a polysaccharide. Some mushroom brands won’t list their Beta-glucan level, instead they’ll use another polysaccharides level measure as an indication of quality. This measure can be easily doctored using starch, but as you’ve just read, starch has no proven health benefits.

Make sure you check the packet for Beta-glucan levels, the higher the better.

The Shroom to Improve difference

At Shroom to Improve we’ve scoured the globe to source the best quality medicinal mushrooms and root extracts available. Our shrooms have some of the highest Beta-glucan levels in Australia, made only from the fruiting body of the mushroom (no fillers or grain), 100% organic and sustainably farmed. 

Try some today. With our 100% money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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